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Experience UPX Private Browser for your security, privacy and anonymity on the internet. Unblock websites Netflix, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat and stay connected with the world!

UPX cares your privacy, so should you!

Transcend Digital Borders

UPX - Unblock Websites VPN Proxy Browser is the top rated ( 4.6 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★) proxy browser app for Android and iOS. It can unblock websites by changing your IP and keep you anonymous online. With over 1 million users worldwide , UPX app provides the best proxy browser and anonymous browsing services.

Why to Choose Us!

Unblock sites which are blocked in your country.
Protect your online privacy, since UPX is an online proxy browser for Android, your traffic is routed through our servers at various countries like USA, UK, Germany, France Singapore, so there are no footprints left behind while browsing with UPX, making it the perfect solution to be anonymous and secure.

UPX Browser lets you:
★ Unblock sites you like, unblock Facebook, Twitter etc...
★ Browse without any tracking.
★ Keep your connections secure and anonymous.
★ Bypass all government firewalls.
★ Have great experience with its professional design.
★ Surf unlimited with no bandwidth or speed limitations
★ Anonymous browsing by changing your IP.
★ Unblock websites on your school websites.
★ Access websites in or from UAE, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, China, and many other countries.
★ Built-in ready to use fast proxy servers (no extra configurations needed).
★ Turn on incognito browser mode, or delete your history easily.

Full Anonymity & Hide Me On the Internet.

As soon as you run Upx you are under proxy vpn protection and this protection never ends until you exit Upx. Get the advantage of Anonymous browsing while hiding your IP. Upx is perfect solution to escape government surveillance. Protect your network traffic under public WiFi hotspot. Upx encrypts data using SSL protocols,

Instant Browsing & Configuration Ready.

No proxy server setup required. Unblock the world automatically by just running the app. Proxy configurations are automatically built-in. Get chrome browser functionality with auto embedded US VPN proxy,

School VPN Proxy.

Bypass geo-restrictions, internet filters and censorship while you’re at work or school. Bypass the firewalls as school VPN proxy

Best Features

Fully functional and featured Upx is ready to use. Get all benefits with one click and no hidden fees.

Anonymous & Private Internet Access

Upx supports Incognito browsing. Protect data privacy, personal information security and internet security. UPX Web Proxy do not track you. Your connections are secure and anonymous. IP vanish/ IP Fake. No Logs! Logs are never stored for user protection and security.

High Speed & Ultrasurf

Super fast speed proxy browser. Geolocation support for Turbo and speedy browsing.

Advanced Encryption Technology

UPX provides a safe and secure tunnel for all your login credentials, passwords and other sensitive information to go through, protecting them from being accessed and intercepted by hackers and spies who could be monitoring and tracking your every move on the internet.

Unblock Websites All.

Unblock sites that are blocked in your country. Unblocker for YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Proxy Vpn support for video, mp3 and file download, VOIP. Surf freely on banned, blacklist, blocking sites

Unlimited Free Usage.

Unlimited bandwidth. No registration, no hidden fees applied.Upx is 100% unlimited free VPN proxy!

Worldwide Support & Multiple Server Locations.

Upx Stable Connection never lost. Global networks, free proxy vpn for United States (USA), India, Japan, Singapore, Canada, France, Germany, UK, Russia etc. Perfect support for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates


Run app, unblock the censored internet, follow and live the improvements of the web world instantly.

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